WEU Representatives are independent from your employer.

Did you know? The Workers of England Union uses representatives that are external and independent from your employer. It makes sense doesn’t it? An Employment adviser supporting you in your time of need, that isn’t employed by your company’. Many Trade Unions use a work colleague because it’s cheaper, the Workers of England Union feels that using work-placed union representation is actually a disadvantage. It inevitably leads to a scenario where your representative is required to speak up for you before their own senior managers. This can put undue pressure on the representative. He or she may be unwilling to create waves for themselves and if this happens it can only mean sub-standard representation for the member. Using external, independent representation completely eliminates these complications, meaning we can concentrate on our members and no one else.

  • Full Time £9.95 per month.
  • Part Time £5.75 per month.

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