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Good afternoon, 

I have been represented by Satvir, WoE staff member during my Wellbeing Meeting with my Manager and HR. 

I wanted to thank Satvir for the representation, for the time she has spent with me making me feel assured and informed about the employee’s rights.

I I felt at ease and much calmed when Satvir represented me.

Satvir is very supportive and caring person who can send positive vibes over phone. I appreciate her patience regarding my language barier as English isn’t my first language. Her knowledge is very wide. 

I highly recommend Satvir and its a privilege to have her on board. Thank you.

With regards 




I would like to leave an opinion about Satvir, who was representing me during my meeting with the manager. Satvir was very helpful both before and during the meeting. She contacted me before meeting to find out about my meeting and problem, I saw her as a person who cares and has time to listen. During the meeting, she was a great support from the legal point of view. Her knowledge is very wide and she made me feel confident and supportive. I highly recommend WoE and Satvir.

02.03. 2022

Good afternoon my name is XXXXX I’m a workers of England Union member.
For sometime now I’ve wanted to write iMessage of gratitude to think every single Workers of England union worker I’m proud to be a member of this union and can’t thank you enough over this difficult period being a healthcare worker being stuck in a position where I should never of been stuck.
being forced to have vaccinations for Covid 19 was absolutely absurd and you are 100% the only people who kid to fight and look deep into this absurd situation that put so many healthcare workers nurses and doctors in such an awful position you not only cared and did all the ground work But you made each person feel a little more assured even in your very busiest of times you are still straightforward kind considerate caring never judge mental the tone of voice that I received from every person answering your phones and email even when you are under complete stress was so good.
I think I had at some stage are dealing with every single person in your office or online so with all my sincerity thank you , you are amazing you helped myself and two other close colleagues where I work.
It will take me so much longer to show my gratitude.
But I know that you as a union will go down in history sounds pretty cliché but we certain of this.
before I joined your union I was a part of another very big union and so were my colleagues this is two different unions I’m talking about and the way they dealt with us was absolutely disgusting not only the way they spoke but their undertones and everything that they did and said was manipulative misleading and definitely not What we expected from our unions.
Thank you you guys are amazing.