Why the W.W.U. and W.E.U is the Union for you?

The Workers of Wales Union is a branch of the Workers of England Union, a fully independent trade union which anyone can join, our aim is to PROTECT our members employment rights in their chosen industry.

Did you know?

The Workers of Wales Union uses Representatives that are external and independent from your employer.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

‘An Employment Adviser supporting you in your time of need, that isn’t employed by your company’.

Our Representatives Knowledge and Experience

Our Representatives knowledge and experience is not restricted by only representing people in one company, in one trade, and in front of the same Managers.

Our Representatives, apart from the annual training they receive, gain a wide variety of knowledge and experience in employment law from visiting businesses and representing workers in all areas of industry, interacting with different Managers and HR departments.

Our Membership

Our membership is diverse and represents a cross section of Wales’s workforce. However, we also believe that each member has individual needs and deserves be cared for on a personal basis, so The Workers of Wales offers on going advice on issues related to our members work life. Always feel free to call the union office for advice.

As our membership continues to grow our union we will continue to strengthen. We realise that a union needs to support its representatives and organisers. They in turn will offer the highest level of support to its members.

We offer protection and we will endeavour to solve work related problems for our members. The union’s representatives give their time on a voluntary basis to help their workmates but have on hand the unions officials for support. We also have arrangement where free legal advice can be given if required. The Workers of Wales union is here to:

  • Protect YOU,
  • Support YOU
  • Represent YOU.

The Workers of Wales union believes that by working together we can achieve the above points as it is better to work together than on your own.

We are a campaigning trade union that is open, democratic, and progressive. Our focus is protecting our members in their workplaces. We also aim to establish a fairer society which treats people with dignity and respect. The union will make sure our voice is heard which means your voice is being heard.

Our union is a union that will fight for justice in the workplace, a union that believes in winning in the workplace. By uniting a workforce under the aims of the Workers of Wales Union we can help build a successful future where our society is prosperous. We want employers and employees to work together because we want individuals who contribute to success in the workplace to be rewarded with respect and recognition.

The Workers of Wales union is:

A union fighting and winning in the workplace.

A union that makes your voice heard.

A union that listens and acts.

A union that is forcing a fairer society.

A union that treats people with dignity, respect and is tolerant of other views.

A union that promotes unity, not discord.

A union that promotes openness and democracy, these are at its forefront.

A union that wants its members to become involved.

A union that realises that its support starts at a local level, where results change lives.

Full Time £10.95 per month. (Equivalent to £2.53 per week)

Part Time £6.35 per month. (Equivalent to £1.46 per week)