Why W.E.U. was launched

Until recently, the workers of England did not have a protective voice to fight exclusively for their rights in the workplace. There is a Scottish TUC and a Welsh TUC but not one for England. When it comes to England it appears that the focus continues to be Britain, UK or EU initiatives. This focus needs to change. The Workers of England union is that protective voice for the workforce in England. We want it to be your protective voice.

Responsible Trade unions have an important role in maintaining the living standards of the workforce within England and we wanted a Trade union that concentrated on solving the problems faced by the workers of England. That is why we are called the Workers of England union.

We have seen recession, bailouts, housing crisis, job losses, pension shortfalls, spin, empty promises from consecutive British governments …. We thought the workforce in England deserved better than this. Its time for a new approach, for new hope, for clear and fresh thinking, for principles that we all hold dear ‘truth and courage’ a trade union needs to stand up for its members.

Lets have the courage to support the local economy where we live, lets have the courage to tell our government what we really want, that is to create and preserve local jobs, that we want investment in local industries, in local skills.

It has been an alarming and worrying trend to witness jobs and employment opportunities either going overseas or being outsourced to other countries within the UK with increasing speed. If nothing is done to halt and reverse this trend then the economic future of England will surely continue to suffer and unemployment will continue to rise especially among the younger generation.

We are clearly not alone with our concerns. The Workers of England union has toured extensively around the country, talking to ordinary working people from all walks of life – and it is clear there is a deafening chorus of concern. People are telling us they’ve been let down by our appallingly inept government and our UK obsessed unions. In short, there is absolutely no one fighting for their cause in England! There is now!!!

We are a union that cares, a union that wants to put the workforce of England first.

 By looking at the unemployment facts, we hope you can clearly see why there is presently a growing resentment within England’s workforce and why we have established this trade union.