W.E.U. Speeches

Workers of England union


At last… England’s workforce has a voice!

The Workers of England union has been set up not only to support her workforce but to protect England as a country too.

This union will make a difference if the Workers of England unite behind us support as well’ says Eddie Bone the union’s vice president. ‘Right is on our side. I do not want to see my country continue to suffer when it doesn’t need to. I do not want the workers of England made redundant or see working conditions deteriorate when they don’t need to.’

The Labour party, the so called people’s party, should have done much more to help the people of England. Instead they have sold out to unscrupulous company’s, cashing in on the economic climate, claiming poverty but in reality still making huge profits. They have sold out to Europe and are in the process of breaking England into Regions….. This will only have a detrimental effect in maintaining a cohesive workforce. They have shown no respect for England’s rich heritage and the hard workers of England.

What do the unions say about this?

I politely say … Not enough, and yet they continue to pay the labour party even as unemployment reaches 2.5 million.

So why should your union membership, your money, continue to pay labour’s treacherous behaviour?

I use the words….. ‘Treacherous behaviour’…carefully! If you doubt this, please remember, the Scottish parliament enacted a law for Scotland that stated the following ‘a 40 mile inclusion…….’ England does not have the same law!!

So when Gordon Brown states ‘British jobs for British workers’ it’s one of two things … a lie, or he hasn’t got a clue’.

Now at last, you have an option to join the ‘workers of England’ union and make a difference; your voice can be heard

If you agree, call the Workers of England Union and join us. Or go to our website for more information to see where you can help,’ Please note our membership subscriptions go to English causes such as fighting for An English Parliament, St. George’s day as a bank holiday and Local employment policies.

Speech 2

Today is finally the first time that the workers of England have a voice, a voice that speaks loudly and clearly for them and for them alone. For too long now the workers of England have been let down and at times trodden down by our leaders. Its time we stand up and stand proud of the work we produce. As a culture and country we have a industrial history to be proud of, not a shamed of. Our industries have and still do produce high standard and world changing inventions. We give a high standard of service and

When we first had the idea of setting up a trade union for the Workers of England it was because we believed the old unions had stopped fighting hard to protect jobs and industries but had instead sold their souls to a labour government for 30 pieces of silver. They had taken their privileged positions, high salaried employment and appeared to have compromised one to many times. One of the big indicators that this is true surely has to be that social mobility is worse than ever, on par with Charles dickens times and we all know what that means for the workers of England.

Putting it simply jobs need saving, Business who have reaped untold fortunes need to be forced to re invest back into the economy, Call centres need to be returned to England not just to maintain a high quality of service but that offer a service that creates a sense of cultural identity. A service that we know when we pay into it is also helping keep our fellow workers employed, that keeps our standard of living way from the vultures.

At this present time business are closing at a rate we cannot keep up with and what are the unions doing? Are they fighting for you? Are they working with the government to keep England working?

Lets for one moment look at the facts.

If you work for the NHS, this union asks you Do you see

Every year financial melt down of  an NHS Trust but a management system that doesn’t change,

That you’re asked to work more unsocial hours or you give a little bit more and a little bit more.

That more unqualified staff are employed but aren’t given the training or the extra hourly rate that they deserve.

That when you voice your concerns but it appears no one is listening

Having worked in the NHS for over 13 years I can see that we need to protect our employment conditions.