Join our campaigning team

Join our campaigning team

Our activists around the country help us promote our campaigns without them we would not be as effective as we are.. There are many ways you can help promote our campaigns, these range from handing out leaflets and attending action days, to organising a WEU branch in your area or workplace.
As a member of the Workers of England you can become more involved and here are just some of the things you can do:

Hand out Workers of England leaflets

If able, you can occasionally give a few hours, to promote one of our campaigns in your local area such as giving out leaflets on your local the high street or your shopping centre
You can deliver membership leaflets to your street, work colleagues or friends. Our membership leaflets are a great way of raising awareness of the Workers of England Union and those who receive a leaflet can join by mailing it back to us.
Call us on 01206 766899 or e-mail Jim Black and we’ll send you some.

Join us when we are actively campaigning

We regularly organise local action days or attend events across the country on both local and national issues. Why not request that our campaigning vehicle comes to your area and then join us giving leaflets out.

If you feel strongly about one of our campaigns you could write to your local council and MP

Letters and emails to your elected representatives present your views to the people who make decisions and help reaise the profile of the WEU’s campaigns. If our campaign vehicle comes to your area, you could write to your local politicians about it. The more correspondence they receive, the more they take our campaigning seriously! To find out more please contact our office on 01206 766899

Write to your local newspaper

Invite others to support the Workers of England Union campaigns. Letters are a great way of raising awareness of local issues, and you can also write letters in support of our national and local campaigns. One area could be to highlight how unfair the Barnett formula is….

Research articles or tell us about issues in your area
You can help the Campaign team to research areas that we are campaigning on.please send in local newspaper articles or e-mail us links to how local council decisions. WEU members can do many things to advance awareness of our Trade Union and are drawn from wide and diverse employment backgrounds. Using that diverse knowledge is beneficial in helping our Trade Union to reach its campaign aims.
Through word of mouth you can help us spread awareness of issues. We will also send regular updates on our campaigns.
Without our members we wouldn’t have been able to come as far as we have. It’s only through spreading awareness of our campaigns, using our research that we are able to extend our influence and make the voice of the Workers of England heard.

Start a local branch of the Workers of England Union

We are attempting to start branches across the country and it doesn’t cost anything other than your time and commitment to start a branch.

Some advice on campaigning and recruiting new members.
The bedrock of campaigning is the old- fashioned but tried and tested method of having a street stall. If you are interested in undertaking a street stall you need some support and help. The most important element to a successful street stall is making it interesting?
You will need:
Make your stall interesting; You will need a focus to your stall. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a table (though they work really well on broad streets or large squares). You could use flags which are very eye-catching.
Use placards; Placards are great advertisement for the WEU, they look good in pictures, and give people who are passing by the stall an idea of what you are campaigning about. Even if they don’t stop and talk, they will remember that you were there.
Make sure you are prepared to sign people up. You can’t go wrong with clipboards, membership forms and a pen, but new technology such as a mobile telephone or Ipad means we can record more email addresses. It will also mean that you don’t need to worry about typing them all in after a success day campaigning and recruiting
Something to hand out. This will usually be leaflets but not always. We are always on hand to help write them! If you are collecting signatures for one of our campaigns then it is always good to have something about the WEU on hand. The information should have our website details on it so that when they can go home and look you up our website and become followers.

Take photographs of your activity. ( Most mobile have a camera facility on them). Taking as many pictures will enable many more people to see that you have been active for the WEU.
We hope the above information has helped and we realise that is are plenty more ideas. If you need any help from the WEU please get in touch with our office.