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Is it one rule for Drivers and another rule for Managers at Metrolink?

The Manchester Evening News article ( 3rd August 2015) revealed that the two managers who were videoed discussing highly sensitive Metrolink information in a public place have not been suspended.

The question surely must be, why not?

Is it one rule for Drivers and another rule for Managers at Metrolink? The two senior managers were caught on camera discussing private, sensitive company information in a public area that was potentially damming for Metrolink .

I wonder how Metrolink’s directors would react if they thought private and confidential information had been shared by a driver? Policies and procedures should apply to everyone in the workplace regardless of their position within a company.

If Chris Coleman, Metrolink’s Managing Director, doesn’t take the appropriate action against these managers, the second question must be…should he remain in charge of Metrolink?

According to the video footage, these managers effectively said that Metrolink (the company which Mr Coleman is ultimately in charge of) have allowed staffing levels to be reduced to a level that could ‘grind the system to a halt, if drivers refuse to work their rest days’.

Chris Coleman needs to reassure the public that the Trams service he is running has drivers who have had enough rest between shifts and that the conversation between the two managers didn’t have any validity. We are waiting…!

Eddie Bone


Workers of England Union