Post Office Annual Account show ‘Fat cat’ Top bosses earn 1/2 million plus

The Workers of England Union has written to the new Business Secretary Greg Clark urging him to investigate the pay awards of the Post offices top bosses.

However it is not just that the Post Office Chief Executive Paula Vennells is paid more than £600,000-a-year and Finance Director Al Cameron earned in excess of £500,000. Its also that the non-executive directors received from £40,000-a-year to £45,000, with one earning up to £50,000.

Stephen Morris, General Secretary of the Workers of England Union stated said:

“This is a clear example of ‘Fat Cats’ being rewarded for what is essentially a list of failings. The Workers of England Union urges the new Business Secretary Greg Clark to investigate how these individuals have given themselves over 3 times the Prime Minister’s salary. The government needs to take charge of what is ultimately a government owned business.

The Workers of England Union will keep you updated and will let you know the response we receive from the Business Secretary. ”

Workers of England Union


*The Workers of England Union campaigns for the reduction of top managers pay in government jobs but obviously in some cases there is a need for a higher reduction. Please read our leaflet and if you want to become involved in helping out in this campaign please call our office on 0300 302 1515