Interview the Interviewer!!!!

Dear Member

Being shortlisted for a job interview is a great feeling, but it can also make you feel a little anxious.

That is why we have an employment specialist for your benefit and support at the WEU.

To help you win that promotion or get your dream job he has given some interviewing questioning tips that will help you impress your new prospective boss.

Please use his services. The Workers of England Union doesn’t just protect your employment rights it also want to improve your chances of promotion or getting a new job.


Interview the interviewer!!!!!        Smiling sun


At the end of an interview have you ever been asked “Do you have any questions for us?”.

How many times have you said ‘No’.

An interview is predominantly about you, how you meet the criteria for the job, what experience and qualifications you can bring to the role and why you are the right person the position.

But it is also an opportunity for you to interview the interviewer, to clarify specific details, to show enthusiasm/ambition and more importantly to end on shining note.

Here are some essential questions to ask:


  • What would a typical day will be like?
  • What is the best thing about working at this company?
  • Would it be possible to have a look around, see the facilities or meet the team?
  • If successful, what can I expect in terms of prospects, development and support?


It is perfectly acceptable to write down a list of questions to ask before you arrive at the interview. It shows that you have prepared yourself and shows organisation, pre-planning and attention to detail skills.

If you would like some support with interview skills, then contact our fully qualified and highly experienced Employment Specialist to help you prepare, master and succeed at your ne