Workers of England Unite

Dear Members

In the immediate days following the terrorist attack in London there were many organisations, like the workers of England Union, looking on in dismay at what had occurred, we then started to reflect on how best to help our members who work in London and the best time to put this forward and not be lost in all the media coverage going on at the time.

The families and friends of those killed or injured will always remember the day and the effect it has had on them, however as we start a new week many others who also work in London will attempt go about their normal business unaware the impact the attack may have had on themselves.

We will always praise the emergency services for their courage and bravery on that day, and hopefully those emergency workers will have the support and guidance to help them through the event.

We feel now is the time to remind our members who may have been affected by the attack, and only now realising it has affected themselves, that they can ring our office for help and support if needed.


Stephen Morris


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