UK manufacturing employment decreased for the seventh straight month in July. Press release – 2nd August 2016

The report published on Monday 1st August 2016 by Markit on manufacturing survey data shows a fall in manufacturing activity and an increase in job losses in the sector, Stephen Morris, General Secretary of the Workers of England Union stated:

“The report of job losses in manufacturing is worrying as it shows a decrease in employment over several months. The decline was already occurring before the Brexit vote but the government now needs to act decisively to relieve the pressure from the economy and they need to ensure workers rights who are at risk of losing their jobs. There is a need to start organising international trade agreements”

“The government should not wait for new Trade agreements as the workforce in England and the rest of the UK needs an urgent package of public investment to keep manufacturing moving forward. The government needs to start major new infrastructure projects that use local companies that employ local people’.

The Report