No Party Funding & No Political Affiliation = Members First

Dear Member

The clip below shows why the Workers of England Union is a truly independent Trade Union.

When the Trade Union becomes to involved with one particular political party then it is damaging to the members. Gerard Coyne is correct when he said during the interview that a Trade Union should focus on an industrial agenda and not be so intrinsically linked to a political party. This is what the Workers of England Union is about. You come first!

If Gerard Coyne is correct and he has been wrongly sacked by UNITE’ for standing up to his boss’ then UNITE has failed, not just its members but the very principles of the Trade Unionist movement.

The interview is below and it is important to watch it as it shows why the British Trade Union movement has lost its way. The Trade Union movement in Britain was not about being a ‘communist movement’ (Andrew Murray, the 2nd in command for UNITE was a member of the communist party for 40 years) it was just about improving YOUR working rights.

If you agree with us and want to see improving your working rights put above any political agenda then please ask your colleagues to join the Workers of England Union. We are truly independent!

Gerard Coyne: ‘Real danger’ of purges in Labour

Gerard Coyne, who has been sacked by Unite, has said he is a victim of a “Stalinist show trial” after standing against Len McCluskey for the Unite leadership.

Speaking to the Sunday Politics, Gerard Coyne warned that his treatment might mean “purges are acceptable” in Labour.

“There’s a real danger of that,” he added.

No Party Funding