Letters to Schools in England

We have been made aware that schools in England may be receiving some letters purporting to come from the Workers of England Union (WEU). I would like to clarify for your piece of mind that some of these letters have not been officially approved by the WEU, or from our branches in Scotland (WSU) or Wales (WWU).

The WEU, working along side groups concerned with face masks, lateral flow and PCR testing, and vaccinations of children started to write to all schools in Scotland, and Wales, regarding our ongoing concerns. I repeat, I would like to make it clear to all those concerned that some of the letters currently being received by schools in England are not the officially approved letter.

I would like to also assure you that we fully investigating this as a matter of urgency to determine who tampered with the letter, and who unofficially sent it out in our name .

So far we know some of these unofficial letters have been sent from Sheffield (DN 34), Norwich (NR2), Enfield (EN4)(EN5), Guildford(GU10), Reading(RG8), and Manchester (unknown) post offices.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me

Stephen Morris – General Secretary – Workers of England Union