It’s Safer to Wait – Protecting Children’s Health

You may be aware that the Government is planning to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines to our children soon. This is already happening with over-16s in Manchester, despite safety and efficacy trials being incomplete. There has been a lot of coverage of this in the media, and your child’s school or local health authority may already have given you some information. As parents, we have a very big decision to make, with and on behalf of our children. There are many things to consider. As we know, the standard childhood vaccines are safe and effective. However, the current UK COVID-19 vaccines use brand new, gene-based, technology and ingredients that have not been used in traditional vaccines. In addition, the clinical trials to confirm short, medium and long-term safety are not yet complete. Until the end of these safety trials (2023), the COVID-19 vaccines remain unlicensed and experimental.