Newly Qualified Nurses in NHS Scotland paid £300py more than Nurses in NHS England.


The Workers of England Union has campaigned and continues to campaign for fair funding for our nurses in England.

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister for Scotland openly stated on the Andrew Marr show (14/05)  that newly qualified Scottish nurses earn £300.00 a year more than English nurses. She mentioned that the bursary is also protected as well in Scotland.

Please listen to her statement by going to the link below:-

Start listening at 08.30  to about 08.52

When the Workers of England campaign team first started to mention that nurses in England and the NHS were underfunded in England we were ridiculed but now people are starting to see how damaging the Barnett formula is for the taxpayer in England.

We appreciate your loyal support and will continue to highlight these injustices



Stephen Morris

General Secretary