British Army – Built in Spain with Swedish Steel

Dear Minister for State,

I was disappointed to read recently that the British Army’s new Ajax fighting vehicles is to be built in Spain using Swedish steel at the request of the EU. This was because the EU wanted to support jobs in Spain with a EU grant, instead of in Wales.

As Secretary of State for Defence Procurement I should be obliged if you clarify the matter and confirm that now we are no longer under orders of the EU that you will now start ordering our military equipment to be made in Britain. This will of course require the re-opening of Portsmouth dockyard.

The fact that in 2012 the previous Government ordered Royal Navy ships from South Korea and closed down Portsmouth dockyard, (Philip Hammond was Minister of Defence), shows your Westminster political establishment has cared little about saving British industry and jobs.

You now have an opportunity to redeem yourself and reinvest in Portsmouth by using the 3.5 billion deal as a promotion of local jobs for Local people.

Yours sincerely


Stephen Morris

General Secretary

Workers of England Union