W.E.U for young people

The Workers of England’s commitment to young workers

The Workers of England Union recognises that our young members are our work force of tomorrow and as such they should be treated with dignity and respect. We will fight against any discrimination our young members experience because of their age and we will endeavour to ensure that they are treated equally within the work force.

No matter where you work or what hours you work the Workers of England Union is here making sure your voice and concerns are heard. We will support you through representation and we will offer advice on issues regarding pay and your working conditions.
We want more young workers to join the Workers of England Union and become active in helping us secure a better future for us all. We believe that young people being treated fairly and with respect makes not only today a better place to work but also tomorrow.

Young people working hard for a better England

The Workers of England union believes that industry needs to promote and support the training of young people. We believe that a pro-active approach should be taken and young people should be encouraged and helped to develop skills so that we have a varied and skill base for future prosperity. Every young person should be given the opportunity to gain these skills whilst receiving a fair wage for a fair days work. The Workers of England union believes that by offering more apprenticeships it will be encouraging diversity in skills thus building a more comprehensive workforce. The Workers of England union reduces their membership rates for young people while they are training on apprenticeships or at university.

The Workers of England union also believes in the abolition of student fees for English students as we need to encourage young people to become skilled for the future. The Workers of England union is the union that stands out amongst the other unions in championing the skills that university students can bring to our industries. We believe more can be done to encourage companies to invest their profits back into England. We need to build our skilled resources if we are to protect and improve the future development of industry.

Healthcare student’s news could include the following:

University info

Debt information services

Bursary details

Tax relief information

Legal services

Links to government sites

As a student you are in a unique position as you may be earning less  and now students are reporting higher debts

Discuss bullying in the workplace, produce guide to bullying in the workplace

We campaign for an increase in bursary payments

The Workers of England union can continue to offer support and protection throughout the year