Women in the workplace

The Workers of England Union works towards achieving equality, justice and respect for all women.

We aim to advise and empower women by ensuring women are treated fairly in the workplace. To our members we offer free support and legal advice. We want to enable women to understand and benefit from knowing that a Trade Union cares about their legal rights and will support them when needed. We are also a campaigning Trade Union that campaigns to ensure that women’s voices are heard and that government policy meets all women’s needs

Protecting women in the workplace

Do you feel that you are working hard but for little recognition, the Workers of England union is the voice of England and supports its members, it’s the union fighting to improve the working rights of women, it’s that union working towards a better England and a better future for our children.

The Workers of England union recognises that women are a vital and significant section of our workforce and we make sure that their voice is heard throughout the union. The Workers of England therefore campaigns on behalf of equal pay and child provision for women members.

It is time to put ourselves and our future first, for too long we have seen companies making huge profits as our standards of living drops and it becomes more difficult to juggle working hours with caring for the family.

The Workers of England union seeks to improve the following:

  • Improved childcare arrangements
  • The change to long working hours and establishing realistic work life balance
  • The elimination of poor health and safety
  • Promotion of mutual respect between women employees and their employers

The Workers of England union works towards improving the standard of living for women members and their families. We want to enable families to achieve their goals and women to have the opportunity to develop their talents. All members should be able to enjoy fulfilling and rewarding work. Our commitment to you is that we will:

  • Negotiate with employers a useful and beneficial agreement that secures improved working hours.
  • We will aim to end exploitation and discrimination of women in the workplace by improving employer awareness of the difficulties faced by employees in these difficult economic times
  • We will train women to become local organisers to represent The Workers of England members in a skilled, professional and respectful manner.
  • We will recruit and encourage non-member to join through a high standard of service that will make members want to stay with the union all their working lives. We will focus on recruiting and developing women as they are vital to all our future prosperity.
  • Through the union we will create teamwork and a sense of national identity that will be positive and inclusive. We will attempt to create a personal responsibility in each member to achieve the unions goals.

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