Apprenticeships and Students

Apprenticeships and students

 ‘If you are an English Student then you are paying tuition fees, The Workers of England union is campaigning to stop the unjust and unofficial English student tax’.

If you are not already a member of Workers of England union then putting it simply ‘we want you to join’ First and foremost your future prosperity matter to us, by being a member, having our support and by working together we can win!

For most young people starting out on an apprenticeship or at university its an exciting time and most are full of anticipation about the future. However in this present economic situation many young workers are experiencing a very different situation and are on low pay with poor training opportunities. University students are increasingly reporting back that they are facing hardship and part time work just is not available.

The Workers of England union actively wants young members and students to be involved in changing the future of England and we recognise that it is the Workers of England union’s responsibility to help employers see that they need to harness the skills and knowledge that apprentices and students have to offer. Also we are not just asking the government for help but are demanding that the government willingly offers to help. We need to look forward and protect the future, a future that is not at the cost of English jobs.

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